Young Warriors Kickboxing & Self Defense

Empowering Young Minds, Ensuring Safety, and Building Confidence

At Young Warriors, we believe that every child deserves to feel safe, confident, and empowered. Our program is designed specifically for children aged 8-12, providing them with the essential tools they need to navigate difficult situations with confidence and resilience. Bullying and physical confrontations can be challenging experiences for young individuals, but with the right knowledge and skills, they can face these challenges head-on. 

Our Unique Approach

Our program combines a comprehensive curriculum, experienced instructors, and a supportive learning environment to create an engaging and effective learning experience for our young warriors. We understand that children learn best when they are actively involved, so our classes are filled with interactive activities, role-playing scenarios, and skill-building exercises. We focus not only on physical techniques but also on developing mental strength, situational awareness, and effective communication skills.


Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum is carefully crafted to cater to the specific needs and abilities of young learners. It consists of three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, with each level designed to be completed within a 6-8 month timeframe. Here’s a glimpse into what each level covers:

Beginner Level

In the Beginner Level, students will learn the fundamentals of self-defense, laying the foundation for their journey as young warriors. They will develop basic motor skills, learn about personal safety, and understand the importance of boundary-setting. Students will also be introduced to non-violent conflict resolution techniques to help them navigate bullying situations effectively. At the end of this level the student also achieves their yellow belt ranking in Dutch Kickboxing. 

Intermediate Level

In the Intermediate Level, students will build upon their foundational skills and delve deeper into self-defense techniques. They will learn more advanced blocking and striking techniques, as well as strategies for escaping grabs and holds. The focus will also be on improving situational awareness, decision-making, and building self-confidence through role-playing scenarios. At the end of this level the student also achieves their orange belt ranking in Dutch Kickboxing. 

Advanced Level

In the Advanced Level, students will refine their skills and take their self-defense abilities to the next level. They will learn advanced offensive and defensive techniques, including ground defense strategies. The Advanced Level also emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, and advanced scenario-based training to prepare students for real-life situations. At the end of this level the student also achieves their green belt ranking in Dutch Kickboxing. 

Our Instructors

Our team of experienced and dedicated instructors is passionate about empowering young minds and teaching effective self-defense skills. They create a supportive and inclusive environment where every child feels valued and encouraged to reach their full potential. Our instructors not only possess expertise in self-defense but also have a deep understanding of child psychology, ensuring that our program is both safe and age-appropriate.

Join the Young Warriors Family

Enroll your child in the Young Warriors: Playground Self Defense Program and give them the gift of empowerment and confidence. Our program is open to children aged 8-12 and welcomes participants of all backgrounds and abilities. We offer flexible class schedules and affordable pricing options to accommodate busy families. Together, let’s equip our young warriors with the skills they need to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Contact us today to learn more or schedule a trial class. Join us on this exciting journey of personal growth, self-defense, and empowerment at Young Warriors: Playground Self Defense Program.

It’s a fun place to learn and make friends. In a positive, safe, and fun environment, we teach the same values as at home. Young Warriors Club teaches confidence, focus, and self-defense to raise strong, confident leaders.
Your child will learn real-world skills.
Kids learn goal-setting, a positive attitude, respect, and self-confidence. Develop lifelong skills. Young Warriors Club focuses on success in and out of the gym. 
Build Character and Confidence
  • De-Escalation – distract and diffuse
  • Awareness of your surroundings
  • Using your surrounding for defense
  • Using your voice
  • Stranger danger
  • Leadership
  • Self-control
  • Critical thinking
  • and much more
  • Rectitude: Doing what is right without regard to the consequences
  • Courage: Inner strength to resist opposition
  • Benevolence: Disposition to do good
  • Politeness / Propriety: Proper consideration and courtesy to others
  • Honesty / Sincerity: Genuine integrity in character and action
  • Honor: Profound respect and ethical conduct
  • Loyalty: Faithful in allegiance
Martial Arts, Ninja Warrior, & Athletic Skills
  • Dutch Kickboxing
  • Judo
  • Wrestling
  • JuJitsu
  • Agility
  • Strength & Power
  • Speed 
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Endurance