This Membership Agreement must be completed by the student or parent/guardian. if a student is less than 18 years of age. The responsible party agrees that you have read, understand and agree to the Membership Agreement and the Membership Terms & Conditions as described on page five (5) of this document. You understand that we require 30-business day advance notice via email to membership@legendskickboxing.com for any/all changes/suspensions/cancellations to your account. Verbal requests will not be accepted.
    MMA Fitness Corporation Gym Rules
    1. No shoes allowed on the mats. Barefoot only. Please have on gym appropriate footwear when NOT on the mats.
    Closed toe shoes must be worn when using fitness equipment.
    2. No chewing gum while taking classes or private lessons.
    3. Personal hygiene maintenance is a must. Please come to class clean with toe and finger nails trimmed etc.
    4. Minors under the age of 15 are not allowed to use weight equipment without parental or instructor supervision.
    5. Please show up to each class with the necessary equipment and appropriate training attire required. Loaner gear is
    only available for new students on a limited basis.
    6. Arrive to class on time and ready to train. Classes will begin promptly
    7. Please refrain from using vulgar or offensive language in the gym.
    8. Use of excessive force outside of the gym is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If you are found using excessive
    force that is NOT deemed self-defense, your membership will be terminated immediately.
    9. Bullying and/or unnecessarily aggressive behavior at the gym will NOT be tolerated.
    10. Have respect for the gym, your instructor and for your fellow students.
    11. Do NOT be disruptive during class. No talking while the trainer is giving instruction and do not leave class without
    first being excused by the instructor.
    12. Students must be approved by the instructor in order to take advanced classes.
    13. No sharing access codes with members or non members
    14. Have fun!
    MMA Fitness Corporation Sparring Requirements/Rules
    1. No sparring or grappling is permitted unless under the supervision of a MMA Fitness Corporation instructor.
    2. All participants sparring must be in good health and do not have any communicable diseases, including common
    colds, cold sores, open cuts or wounds, viruses etcetera.
    3. Any athlete that has had head trauma must be cleared in writing by their physician in order to participate in any sparring
    or one on one practice sessions.
    4. Males must wear protective groin cups and females must wear protective bra cups when sparring.
    5. Mouth pieces must be individually fitted and worn during sparring and drilling.
    6. Boxing gloves shall be at least 16 ounces or more for each member.
    7. It is recommended by MMA Fitness Corporation that all members who participate in sparring wear hand wraps to
    protect their hands.
    8. Head gear, shin guards with foot padding, boxing gloves, mouthpieces and groin protection are mandatory for free sparring.
    9. Students shall not wear contact lenses or glasses during sparring.
    10. Only light contact is permitted during sparring. Hard contact is not permitted.
    11. No one is allowed to enter MMA Fitness Corporation under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    12. Hair shall be worn in such a way as to not interfere with vision.
    13. Report all injuries to the instructor immediately.
    14. Do not participate in any classes if you have a known injury. You and/or your parent signed a liability waiver, you are only hurting yourself more. Let your injury heal fully before returning to class or instruction.
    MEMBERSHIP PERIOD: A membership period is defined as one (1) month. Memberships are automatically renewed every month unless cancellation is provided within thirty (30) days of your membership renewal period. MMA Fitness Corporation reserves the right to change membership fee schedules at any time.
    MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION: If, for any reason, you need to stop training, either permanently or temporarily, you understand that it is your responsibility to send an email to membership@mma.fitness at least 30- business days prior to your renewal date or 2-business weeks prior to your requested suspension date. Please make sure you receive a reply from us acknowledging that we received your request. Membership cancellation and suspension requests must be submitted via email. We do not accept either request in any other form of communication other than email.
    MEMBERSHIP TEMPORARY SUSPENSIONS: Members may suspend their account once per year. Memberships suspended more than once per year will incur a $50 restart fee. We allow a maximum of two suspensions per year. We do require at least a 3-week suspension of classes for temporary suspension requests and suspensions can be for a maximum of 3 months. Requests must be made at least 2-business weeks prior to requested suspension date. Requests MUST be submitted via email to membership@mma.fitness. Please make sure you receive a reply from us acknowledging that we received your request.
    MEMBERSHIP PRO-RATIONS: Payments are made at the beginning of the Membership Period. The first month of enrollment will be pro-rated such that subsequent payments are due on the first (1) day or the fifteenth (15) day of the month; depending on your enrollment date (whichever date is closer to your enrollment date to reduce pro-rated costs to the student(s)). Payment for subsequent periods will extend your membership and implies your continued consent to the terms of this agreement. Membership fees are non-refundable.
    CHECK PAYMENTS: Checks not received on time will be assessed a $25 penalty fee. Returned checks will be assessed a $50 penalty fee.
    CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS: It is the students’ responsibility to insure there is always an active credit card on file for monthly membership payment processing. If your credit card does not process, we will provide a one-time courtesy of a reminder to submit new payment information. If the payment fails a second time, a $25 processing fee will be charged for each month the payment is late. If the credit card fails to process a third time, MMA Fitness Corporation reserves the right to cancel your membership after your account is brought current. Please remember to keep your payment information current and accurate so your membership remains in good standing.
    CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITY: You (signee) understand that it is your responsibility to make sure your payment is received on-time. Should your credit card, bank account, or other form of payment change, you will notify MMA Fitness Corporation at least 15-days prior to the next billing cycle to avoid a late fee penalty of $25. MMA Fitness Corporation will not send a reminder of any form of payment being due. Your credit card or bank account statement will act as your receipt of payment. For members that pay by check, your deposited check will act as your receipt.
    RATE CHANGES: Membership Rates are subject to change. Rate changes will be communicated via the openguardbjj.com or MMA Fitness Corporation.com website(s) at least 45 days prior to implementation. The rate change becomes effective upon the member renewal date (next payment period) following the 45-day notification.
    BUYER’S RIGHT TO CANCEL: If you wish to cancel this agreement, you may do so by emailing your request to membership@mma.fitness within 7-business days of your first class. The notice must say that you no longer wish to be bound by this agreement, and that you would like to cancel your membership. If loaner gear was provided, you must return it or your account will be charged for the full price of the gi. This agreement may also be cancelled if MMA Fitness Corporation ceases operation.
    CLASS SCHEDULE: A regular class schedule will be posted at mma.fitness. MMA Fitness Corporation reserves the right to make temporary and/or permanent modifications to the schedule at any time, for any reason.
    ADDITIONAL COSTS: Uniforms, equipment, camps, private lessons, etc. are all additional costs and are not included in 8with tuition or registration. A uniform (GI) is the only required equipment for BJJ class. Kickboxing requires hand wraps and 16oz boxing gloves. Gear may be purchased through MMA Fitness Corporation, or any other supplier. Please ask your instructor for gear requirement guidance.
    MEDIA RELEASE: I grant permission to MMA Fitness Corporation hereinafter also known as the “Media” to use my image (photographs and/or video) for use in Media publications including but not limited too: video, email, recruiting brochures, newsletters, magazines, general publications, website and/or affiliates, blog, mobile / web apps, and all other types of publications. I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the finished photographs or electronic matter that may be used in conjunction with them now or in the future, whether that use is known to me or unknown, and I waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of the image.
    One (1) access code is assigned to each MMA Fitness member. It is against MMA Fitness policy to share an access code with anyone. It is against MMA Fitness policy to allow non members into MMA Fitness. Members are responsible for submitting a request in writing for their code to be deleted from the access system by an MMA Fitness employee if their code has been misplaced / stolen and can be used by someone other than themselves. Members are responsible for the full cost of all broken / stolen equipment, fixtures, or any / all content within MMA Fitness facility if their code is shared, stolen, or used by someone other than the member assigned to the access code. MMA Fitness reserves the right to revoke access codes and 24 hr access if a member does not comply with any policy / term / condition. MMA Fitness reserves the right to revoke access codes at their discretion. Membership fees are non refundable when an access code is revoked.




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