Extend your fitness knowledge and learn how to offer your clients a truly unique fitness program with kickboxing!


With Legends Kickboxing complete course, will provide all the tools you need to teach proper form, create beginner and complex drills and design classes – both with and without kickboxing equipment. Legends Kickboxing’s online course allows you to study, take the exams, and become an (ISSA) International Sports Sciences Association Certified Kickboxing Instructor wherever, whenever. You can also attend classes locally at our North Carolina gym for in-person training! 

Add to your personal training resume and give your clients variety in their training programs. As a Kickboxing Instructor, you will become an expert in an intense, calorie burning fitness style.



What You’ll Get With This Kickboxing Course?

Full Access to the ISSA & Legends Kickboxing Instructor Course: $449

  • Online Textbooks
  • Online Videos
  • Textbook Downloads
  • Free Professional Website
  • Unlimited Online Educational Support


  • In-Person Educational Support (students located in North Carolina): $550
  • 1 Month Free Unlimited Membership to Legends Kickboxing located in New Hill North Carolina: $89
  • Monthly Live Zoom Video Support: $299 (outside North Carolina only)
Total Value: $1387

Now Only $399



What You’ll Learn From This Course


Our course materials provide everything you need to ensure long-term success as a Kickboxing Instructor. We regularly update our materials to ensure ISSA is always at the forefront of current practices and providing the latest in modern innovations.

  • What sets kickboxing apart – Learn why kickboxing is different from other exercise techniques, and what it could do for you and your clients.
  • Fundamentals to complex combinations – Learn how to translate technique into different combinations that challenge both the mind and the body.
  • Terminology and technique – Learn how to confidently and safely instruct a kickboxing group on your own.

Who are Kickboxing Instructors?

Legends Kickboxing Instructors have a passion for strengthening more than an individual’s body, but engaging their mind as well. Looking to add variety into their clients’ workouts, Kickboxing Instructors are versed in all the tools it takes to master and teach kickboxing, in any setting.

Becoming a Kickboxing Instructor will give you the means to have a positive impact on individuals lives and strengthen their mind and body.


The Art of Kickboxing

As a Kickboxing Instructor you will be able to help individuals work towards a stronger “mind-body connection”. Learning the history and transformation of this craft will give you the understanding and ability to communicate the benefits that come with this form of exercise.

Becoming a Kickboxing Instructor will give you:

  • An understanding of fundamental terms, movements and form
  • Essential hand and feet combinations to use in your clients’ workouts
  • The tools to design class sequences for clients of all levels
  • Techniques and knowledge to become successful as a Kickboxing Instructor

As a Kickboxing Instructor you will help individuals sharpen their minds and strengthen their bodies, for an overall improvement in their health.