Advanced Kickboxing focuses on training techniques with the highest percentage of success! This is amazingly functional and effective style which combines the most effective techniques from Dutch Kickboxing, boxing, and self defense. It’s perfect for both kids and adults interested in competition level training. (Boxing / MMA gloves and shin guards are required)

What to Expect

Learn very effective techniques with detailed training and fun partner drills in a fun family friendly atmosphere. Gain confidence that you’re training will be useful in any situation whether it be to build self confidence and awareness, participate in competition, or day to day life. 

We pride ourselves on our functional curriculum and attention to detail. Every member deserves personalized training so you can train at your own pace and accomplish individual goals.

The curriculum includes the highest percentage techniques from several Martial Arts and Training Systems. For example:

  • Striking with your fist, kicks, elbows, & knees
  • Dirty Boxing
  • Self Defense and Situational Awareness
  • Street Fighting Secrets
  • Throws, chokes, and defense
  • Takedowns & Defense
  • Entries to takedowns
  • Distance Management
  • Creating Angles and footwork
  • Fighting from the Clinch
  • and much much more!

Includes access to all programs and functional fitness area